Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tuesday 30th March

Hi everyone
March is nearly gone so hope the weather improves.
Stayed at a Caravan Club site last night at Gowerton near Swansea, very clean & tidy, staff very friendly.
Spent most of the afternoon in the camper as it was blowing a gale, gave me time to read my book The Skeleton Room by Kate Ellis( detective novel set around Newton Abbot and the South Coast).
Simon arrived cheerful but wet.
After a shower we took a cab to a local village and had a carvery,Turkey, Beef, Gammon and Sausages in Jack Daniels + roast potatoes, Yorkshire Pudding, lots of steamed veg and thick gravy.
Both felt very full after that.
Today made my way to Tenby, great shame it is still pouring as I particularly wanted to visit the town.
It is now 4.30 pm waiting for Simon at a very nice Campsite called Trefalun Park run by Viv & Jacky James who gave Murphy & me a warm welcome with no Charge for the nights stay ( Thank you very much)
If you ever want to camp in Tenby I can recommend this site.
Trefalun Park
Devonshire Drive
St. Florence
Tenby 01646 651514
There are severe weather warnings for tomorrow.
The campsite I had booked for tomorrow (Wed.) at St. Davids has canceled my booking as the site is completely waterlogged.
I will now look for another site with hardstandings.
A BIG hello to Jeannie & Reg at Voodoo, They are friends of Howards and are following our progress.
Hi to Ian & Barbara + Michel, Heather & Boys +Ron & Francis Colomb + Eddie & Jo (post office) all my immediate neighbours.
all for now

Monday, 29 March 2010

Monday afternoon 29th March

Some Photo's :

Simon at Cardiff
Lake at Tradegar house
Murphy in a tree house
Beach at Porthcawl

Monday morning 29th March

Hi everyone
10.00 am Monday morning, Simon has set off in the pouring rain first visiting Porthcawl then onto Gowerton.
Friday evening took Murphy for a long walk around the lake (about the size of stover lake) and then around the grounds of Tredegar House, Had Dinner then we watched 3 episodes of The Office, had a good nights sleep in the knowledge that we were having a day of rest on Saturday.
Saturday :
Simon and I spent the day in Cardiff, Great city,Sunny & dry all day, went by bus, did some shopping then visited the Museum for 2 - 3 hours still only seeing a portion of the museum but saw the China and Porcelain collection and the Art collection (wonderful paintings).
Sunday :
Dry all day, drove to Porthcawl, found campsite, took Murphy down to Pothcawl Harbour (about 2 miles or so it seemed).
Lovely bay, lots of people but many parts of the front looked tatty, with rusty ironwork, rotten wood and paint peeling off giving the impression of no one having any pride in the place.
Funfair, Burger vans Stalls selling Holiday bits & pieces, Made me realize how nice Devon & Cornwall resorts are. I still enjoyed the experience.
Will write again this evening when I get to Gowerton(Camping Club Site)
Hello to Sandy, Alexander, Jane & Family
p.s. sorry no photo,s internet connection is too slow.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Friday 26th March 6.00 pm

Hi again
Camped at the Cranmoor Campsite near Clevedon Thursday evening, only ones there again.
Small site run by Alice who gave us a reduced rent ( thank you).
Went to bed early as we were miles from anywhere, had a good sleep then made our way to Wales.
Simon had to get his brakes fixed, great bike but he is giving it some hammering.
We were making for Barry but after getting the bike repaired and having to get across the river Avon and over the new bridge across the Severn we have camped at Tredegar House Country Park near Newport, our first Caravan Club Site, very clean and tidy with plenty of room and fellow campers but it is pouring again, Simon hasn't arrived yet but he is close.

Friday 26th March 4.15 pm

Hi everyone, Wednesday morning Simon left Lynton early after a good nights sleep heading for a lighthouse down a steep path then having to cycle back up.
I left Lynton about 2 hours later the hills out were extremely steep, when I got to the top of a particularly steep hill I stopped at a large car park for a cup of tea, after about half an hour I saw in the distance a lone cyclist with a yellow coat battling the elements, the only person mad enough to be out in this weather had to be Simon who was thankful for a drink and a ham sandwich before carrying on towards Minehead to get his bike repaired.
I made my way to Dunster Castle and spent a few hours there looking around the house, gardens and village which i really enjoyed ( would have liked some of those antiques from the house in my shop) .
Made my way to Watchet where I was welcomed by Ron & Kathy Jones who made available their driveway for the camper.
Straight in for a cup of tea and a long chat, when Simon arrived he had a shower in the house and later we all sat down to an evening meal. went down to the town with murphy for a look around and decided i would return in the morning for a good look around.
Thursday Morning
Went down to Watchet harbour and was very fortunate to see THE BLACK PRINCE Steam Engine stop at the station to pick up passengers I then filmed it pull out of the Station.
Did some shopping were I bought some stock for my shop, When I got back to the House Kathy had washed and dried 2 loads of washing for us and gave us a box of home made cakes.
Ron helped me fill up with water unhitched the electric hookup and Murphy and I were on our way.
A massive thank you to Ron & Kathy for their hospitality
Ron & Kathy Jones of Watchet
Dunster Castle
All for now

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wed.24th March

Hi everyone, very short this morning as the internet connection is very bad. not a lot of news except rain, rain, rain.
camped at Stoke Barton farm campsite, stoke, Hartland, Bideford, Helen & Colin Davey were very helpful giving us a free nights camping, Colin also offered to take us to Hartland Quay so we could buy a meal and then pick us up afterwards but Simon arrived so wet, tired and cold that we went to bed at 9.00, had a good nights sleep.
Tuesday was very similar to Monday, Simon had his worse day yet saying it was probably as bad as he had ever experienced even when he rode through India on a motorbike, he started at 9.00 and arrived at Lynton at 6.30, falling off once and banging his arm.
I went to Atlantic village to do some shopping and then made my way to the campsite in Lynton.
We han a taxi into Lynton in the evening and had a couple of drinks,I had  Bangers & Mash, Simon had lasagne.
Simon has set off for a shorter ride today, he has an hours trip to a lighthouse then a 25+ miles ride to Watchet, Somerset were we will stop for the night.
Just because the weather is bad do not think we are not enjoying our trip, we are both savouring the experience knowing that better times are ahead.
p.s. Murphy has settled in so well , sleeps right through the night and enjoys the walks.
will write again soon

Monday, 22 March 2010

Monday Morning 22nd March

Hi everyone
Into our second week, Simon has left Padstow making for Hartland Point, it is pouring with rain and blowing a gale.
I am sat in Ruperts Kitchen beside the AGA drinking tea. 10.30 am
We stayed at Rupert Watson Smythes Farmhouse Sat. & Sun overlooking Tregirls beach, Padstow.
Sunday was Superb weather walked Murphy over the headland to the Blow Hole, then walked on the beach.
Sunday evening 6 of us went to Wadebridge, Had an Indian then went to the Cinema, watched a french film with subtitles called "The Prophet" about life in a French Prison, It won an award at the Cannes film festival, we all enjoyed it.
A big thank you to Rupert & his brother Mathew for their hospitality also the Sunday morning Fryup.
Rupert is joining Simon on the ride for 10 days in Scotland.

Rupert with Digory & Dottie his Jack Russels and Murpy
View from the beach
The Farmhouse

A thank you to Richard & Debbie of Pets Corner Chudleigh http://www.petscorneruk.com for the large bag of Dog food for Murphy
All for now as I am about to drive to Hartland Point set up the Motorhome and wait for Simon who will be wet & hungry

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Saturday Morning 20th March

Hi everyone
Well I am an OAP now 65 yesterday but feeling pretty fit and healthy.
We had a nice meal in St ives Thursday evening, Couple of pints of Doombar which is brewed in Cornwall then a nice walk back through the cobbled streets to our campsite.
Simon had a dry start Friday, St ives looked stunning from our site, didn't last long it poured all day .
Thank you to the lady who ran up with a donation as I left the site.
Made my way to St Agnes and was looking around an Antique/ collectable shop talking to Jane Templeman ( also a cancer sufferer) of Yester-year Antiques who gave a donation, thank you very much,  at 12.00 met Simon who was joined by Russ Abbot (sorry I mean Mathew Watson Smythe) who rode for the last 32 miles to Padstow.
As I parked up an elderly gent came up with " You can't park a camper here this is for cars only, there are too many of you Hippies parking overnight using our facilities )" I replied " Do I look like your average hippy take a look at the sign on the van" .
"Sorry didn't realize what you were doing" he then went on his way.
Later as we were walking down the street the same man came up to Mathew and said "You look like Russ Abbot", "well you look like Benny Hill "said Mathew
He turned his cap sideways, pulled his glasses down his nose, screwed his face up and made an excellent Benny Hill. Turned out to be quite a character.
Last evening we went to the Cornish Arms near Padstow for a birthday dinner with Simon, Daniel, Harriett, Dean, Mathew, Rupert and Shelley. (see photo)
Thank you to Dave of Blue C Taxis on 07970 625878 or 05602 811360 for the FREE rides there and back.
A thank you to Chris & Katy Case of the Porth Beach Tourist Park who not only let me park for free but also gave a generous donation.
I have been asked to say a big HELLO to http://www.voodoo-media.info/forum/   who are watching the site.
 All for now

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Thursday 18th March

Hi everyone
Last night we camped at Wheal Rodney camp site in Marazion, only ones there, nice & quiet.
Took Murphy for a walk had a pint of real ale at the Fire Engine Inn then went to the Harbour to take a photo of St. Michaels Mount, no luck the mist was so thick could only make out the outline.
Not much else to report from there but today I went to Penzance, had a good look around and met a lovely couple who run a secondhand/ Antique shop (see Photo) Alan & Helen of Curios Collectables & Antiques Penzance have a wonderful TIDY shop, puts mine to shame.
It has now given me ideas for when I get back if I want to open up again as a collectables shop.
It has been pouring with rain today, found a lovely site Ayr holiday park overlooking St. Ives Bay, the rain has just stopped.
Simon arrived soaking wet so went for a shower and discovered a bathroom so he had a soak for about three quarters of an hour.
Hi to Valerie & Derek and their new pup Molly also Colin & Caroline of Dartmouth
We are going down to the town tonight for a couple of drinks and maybe a meal.
All for now

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Wed. 17th March

Hi All
writing this in the morning as we have an internet conection.
I missed Johnathan Sampson & John Fogwell off the blog at Alf Resco's , thanks to you both.
We stayed last night at Cosawes Caravan Park at Peranaworthal.
Barry & Dee Cleaton (my Son in law Dean's Parents ) paid for our nights stay + Dee gave me lunch and when Simon arrived and had a shower we went to their home and had Delicious home made Steak & Ale pie, mashed potato, Gravy and various Veg. followed by Plums and custard, Glass of Bitter and Coffee.
Simon has not been sleeping very well as his bed is a little short so we are having a sort around today to give him a better bed.
Today's hello is to my sisters Paula, July and Maureen(the Cherry cake was lovely but it has all gone)
Also to my friends Howard & Thelma + Lucky the dog who live in Dartmouth.
All for now

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Tuesday Morning 16th March

Hi all
Nice to see more followers, I am writing this from the East Crinnis Caravan & Camping park at Par in Cornwall, Betty Olford  ( who has had Cancer herself ) was very kind and helpful and along with her husband (who unfortunately I did not meet) gave us free parking and use of all facilities, So a big thank you to them both.
 If you are on holiday in the Par area I know a warm welcome will always be there.
My next thank you is to Bob ( Bob the Job ) & Carol Cumpston if you lived in Chudleigh they used to run the DIY shop in the Square who not only put me onto the East crinnis campsite but also arrived with our evening meal, Simon had a saucepan of Chili Concarni? and I had  home cooked ham, Eggs, Bread and Beans washed down with a bottle of red wine, it was delicious.
Yesterday Simon rode with Nick Baker the BBC TV animal expert from Brixton to Par ( what a nice chap) and was picked up by Ceri his wife and Elvi? there daughter.
Because I did not do a blog yesterday i would like to thank all the riders who did the first day , Brother Mike, His son Lee , Simon Commerford,  Natalie Snell and all Simon's friends.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

What a day

Hi everyone
What a day, everything went perfectly, great crowd at the start.
Thanks to Alf Fresco's for the great send off and great breakfast.
Nice to meet Simons friends, my friends and family and the ladies who are following us.
According to Simon the ride was good, even the ferryman took them all across the river free of charge.
After I said my goodbyes I went to Plymouth Airport to pick up my son Daniel who flew down from Brighton.
We went to Halfords to buy a bike lock and discovered  a crack in the Windscreen, saw a sign for windscreen repair, was quoted £50 by terry kelsall of Glasweld but after he saw the signs on the motorhome he reduced the price to £15 for material only so a big thank you to Terry of Glasweld tel.07765 585275.

Another big thank you to Pat & Basil Cane of Venn Farm Campsite Brixton for the free camping for the night. Motorhome + 2 tents + 4 people + 1 dog. tel. 01752 880378
We are all going to have an early night ready for tomorrows adventure.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

The night before

  Hi Everyone

Just loaded the Motorhome it is now very full only six bags and two boxes to put on in the morning at 6.30. am
I also have to put the spare bike on the back, down to Dartmouth by 8.00 . On the way down at Totnes I have to pick up Flapjack and Cherry cake from my sister Maureen, this will give Simon energy while he is cycling.


Thursday, 11 March 2010

Thursday evening, less than 3 days to go

Hi everyone
Busy day today.
Went to the hygenist, everything now feels great.
Took the Motorhome th SLJ Motors because the Horn decided not to work, working ok know.
Answered emails, wrote letters and generally got things ready.
4.0 clock went to SJB Signs at Heathfield and had Signs for the Motorhome fitted.
Jamie did an excellent job so if you need any signs he can be contacted at www.sjbsigns.co.uk.
Pictures of the signs posted today.
Murphy is having a haircut tomorrow so I will post a picture of him tomorrow.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

4 days to go

Hi everyone
John Pearson who runs the business Incar has turned out to be a good friend.
He supplied a Pioneer navigation system and reversing camera at cost price and installed it free of charge because he liked what we were doing.
If you ever want a top quality system installed in your car speak to John on 07791 012261
The Signs for the motorhome will be ready Thursday afternoon so I will post a photo on Friday.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Seven Days to go and Counting

Good Morning everyone.
What a lovely day, took Murphy to the park, had my breakfast.
Harriett (my lovely Daughter, so much like her mother ) and I are giving the house a spring clean before I go.
Getting quite excited about the trip and I know Simon can't wait to be off.
Thank you to the people who are already following me I hope you will stick with me through the whole ride as I cannot imagine the things I shall see and do.
A better picture of our home for the next 4 months.

Friday, 5 March 2010

First Blog

Hi to anyone who is reading this first Blog.
Simon and I are nearly ready to go, the motorhome is ready and we are counting the days before we set off from Dartmouth.
I am very encouraged by the number of members of the Camping & Caravanning Club who have responded to our call for one night stops on our trip around Britain, thank you all.
My next thank you goes to Chris Webb Chairman of Chudleigh Parish Council who donated £100 on behalf of the Council.
Once we are on the road I will try to update daily.