Thursday, 24 June 2010

Thursday 24th June

Sunday afternoon :
While we walked around Tankerton Simon's friends Warren and Claire + baby Layla ? were in the area and joined us at the Fete, had a good afternoon, watched a couple of vintage planes do a couple of bypasses then walked back to the site for a quiet evening.
Monday :
I drove to Herne Bay onto Margate, Broadstairs And Ramsgate down through Sandwich (amused to also see a sign for the village of Ham ) and down for a stop at Deal.
Next stop was the National Trust site of the " White Cliffs of Dover ", Walked along the clifftop in the sun with Murphy and watched the Ships docking loading with Lorries and setting off for wherever then the next ships would arrive, just to think this is going on 24/7.
Had a pot of tea at the cafe but to my dismay I was informed that 2 coach loads of Italians had devoured all the food except Cakes and Crisps and I am off both of those.
Made my way to Folkestone then to our Campsite at Hythe, set everything up and took Murphy for a walk around a large dog walk on the site.
Tuesday :
Simon"s friend Rob arrived from London  to ride for 1 day. Rob rode the spare bike and I met them in the afternoon at  Dungeness. What an amazing place, Large Power Station, 2 Lighthouses and the whole area was covered by Shacks, some made from old railway carriages, some made from bits of wood and galvanise but not unsightly just interesting.
I climbed to the top of the Lighthouse and what a view 360 degrees?
When Simon and Rob arrived I looked after the bikes while they climbed to the top of the Lighthouse.
We had a cup of tea in the cafe and watched the smallest Public train pull into the station, fill up with passengers and off again to Hythe, about an Hour trip each way, the carriages were very small like at Paignton Zoo.
Went to Rye then onto Fairlight Wood campsite set in woods, very small and quiet and great sunshine.
When Simon and Rob arrived Rob said he was blown away by the ride and would have liked to ride till the end of the trip but he had to get back for work.
I drove Rob to Hastings to catch the train home then Simon and I returned to the campsite for a peaceful evening. ( nearly finished my book " The girl who kicked the Hornets nest")
Wednesday :
Through Hastings to Bexhill onto Eastbourne then stopping at Beachy Head for a couple of hours relaxing on the clifftop, had a long conversation with a chaplain who was 1 of 16 who regularly patrol the clifftop trying to stop people from committing suicide in fact they had 2 call outs this morning both ended OK.
Travelled on to Seaforth and Newhaven where I met Simon and Mark (Lofty) who was riding with Simon for the day, they were making their way to Brighton to watch the football.
I drove to Sheepcote Valley campsite and booked in for 4 days.
Set up the tv and watched the Football (that was a bit better ).

Went for a walk to Brighton Marina, heard a Fire engine and unfortunately for a young lad his VW camper caught fire and was totally destroyed, black smoke everywhere.

Thursday :
Simon and I walked to Asda at the Marina did a shop and walked back, had lunch and Simon rode into Brighton to meet a friend.
All for now

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