Thursday, 17 June 2010

Thursday 17th June am

Hi everyone
Tuesday :
Drove from Sandringham through Hunstanton along the coast to the Muckleburgh Collection at the Weybourne Military Camp.
A museum of Military Vehicles, Uniforms and Weapons including a Harrier Jump Jet, a Doodlebug and Surface to Air Missiles.
Spent about 2 hours there, waited for Simon and then had late lunch while working out where we would stop for the night deciding on a site near Cromer.
Parked near the clifftop with great walks along the coast.
Wednesday :
Day off for Simon so we caught the bus and spent most of the day in Cromer looking around the book shops and Collectors shops, had lunch and finished the day by climbing up a stone spiral staircase with over 160 stairs to the roof of the tower with an amazing view over the town.
Back at the campsite we chilled out in the sun reading until bedtime.
All for now

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